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Two Classes for Just £18!

New to the world of pole dance and fitness? Why not try our Taster deal and try a new class this year.

Pole dance and fitness is a great way to build strength, stamina and body confidence! Check out some of our student testimonials to find out more.

Eilatan Studio was created to give everyone and anyone the chance to try pole dancing. We aim to create a happy and safe environment where everyone feels welcome. We have classes suited to all levels including those who have never tried pole before.

There are so many different styles of pole and at Eilatan we love them all! Our classes and workshops will cover everything including, strength and conditioning, tricks, combos, modern choreography and exotic pole dance.
Whether your focus is technique, flexibility, dance or you’re just looking for a fun new way to work out, you can find it here. Explore our site for more information, and feel free to
contact us with any questions. 

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